Dear Rugged Ranch,

Attached please find copies of photos of the Squirrelinator in action. The first one is our 2nd catch with 11 squirrels. The 2nd is a release of the squirrels.

This trap is the best I have ever seen. The first time my wife set it out we captured 13 squirrels. The 2nd time 11 squirrels and the 3rd time 9 squirrels.

We kept track of the catches during the month of June and the total for the month was 70 squirrels just from our backyard. We did a catch and relocate release to a large field where the hawks would be looking for dinner. This helps the hawk population and only small percentages were taken.

Thank You,
Have a Great Day,
David and Barbara

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My story:

Owning an avocado grove, we have always had problems with squirrels. They began to live in the piles of cut up firewood and they started to show up more and more.  At first we tried to live with them, but we knew that wasn't going to work.  We then began to put out bait.  This helped alleviate some of the problem but being surrounded by 2 wide open property spaces, the squirrels began to come into ours in increasing numbers, especially during the growing season as they would feed on the avocados.  Last month, when our bait ran out, we went to the store and the salesman told us about the Squirrelinator.  We decided to try it out as it was cheaper than the bucket of bait we normally bought.  Within the first week we had already caught 6 squirrels.  It was nice being able to see results, instead of just guessing that they went away llike when we used bait, and on the upside, we save money by not having to buy bait every month.  Now with the Squirrelinator we catch an average of 1 squirrel a day.  We have noticeably less squirrels now.  The Squirrelinator is a great product! Here is a picture of one of the days that we caught 2. They try and try, but the squirrels cannot escape!



In a little over a month we have caught 50 squirrels in the trap we purchased from W.W. Feed in Hemet, CA.  And later today we caught 2 more to make 52.

Judy Forkner
Hemet, CA

Dear Rugged Ranch,

I have been looking for every solution possible to get rid of the squirrel problem at home.

Below are the photos of my first catch, to enter in your Photo Contest.

This is a GREAT PRODUCT! Nothing Compares to it! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Pam Vick


I love this! We have a small pomegranate ranch, last year we lost crop to the rodents, even with all lthe hawks and snakes we have here we were overrun. Now after 36 in two months, its a small maintenance 1 every couple days. Don't hear their annoying chirping, drown them and hawks and other wildlife are happy. No poison, plus poison is expensive! Thanks so much for developing this great trap!

Mrs. T

I have implemented the use of the Squirrelinator for about a month now to much satisfying success. I have absolutley no complaints.


Thank you Rugged Ranch,

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how successful we have been with the Squirrelinator. We live in the hills of Murrieta and have 30 acreas. Last year we had so many squirrels it looked like an army marching across the field. I saw your product at one of the local feed stores and decided to bring it home to my husband, since we had tried everything and the destruction these critters have caused is unbelievable. We put the trap out and immediately caught 10 squirrels. We then decided to buy another 6 to put around the ranch in various areas. There were days that we caught more than 60 squirrels and as many as 17-21 in one cage. By the summers end we had caught over 600 squirrels (we were keeping a tally because we were so delighted with the results) and recommended the traps to our neighbors.

Because of the great success we had in reducing the suirrel population last year, the number is down. So far this year we've trapped over 250 and are pleased.

I can't recommend this enough to anyone that has a squirrel problem even if you don't have as many as we did.

Great product - I know we never could have trapped and reduced the squirrel population without the Squirrelinator.

Thanks Again,

C. Nelson