Baiting the Squirrelinator is really easy. Once you have decided on where to place your Squirrelinator, set the trap on the ground, throw a hand full of your bait in the middle of the trap, sprinkle some around the outside of the trap (be sure the side doors are open) and walk away. That's it!

*Do not put the bait on ANYTHING!! No paper plates, no bowls, just toss it on the ground in the middle of the trap and broadcast a small amount around the trap.

*Do not put the trap over the Squirrel's hole or directly next to it. Squirrels will readily forage up to 50 feet away from their holes.

Squirrels will eat just about anything. We have testimonials with almost every type of food imaginable.

Here are a few that consistantly seem to work the best:

Trouble Shooting

Bait is gone with no trapped squirrels:

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